Introducing ASC Talent

Who we are

We offer innovative talent management services, by working closely with our clients to customize their talent requirements to assist in delivering effective support on their specific needs and circumstances. We have developed modern search techniques that lead to productive teams. We value Technology and its involvement in all business-related fields, so we employ tech savvy experts in our team. We focus on clients’ specific needs after in-depth investigation. We locate candidates with a success record and the ability to build and contribute in effective teams. Candidates are equally significant as our clients, as we maintain long term relationships and assist them to achieve their career and personal goals.

We are a team of executive search experts that help many successful organizations build their mid and senior leadership/management teams. We have had long careers in the market ourselves, so we understand what clients want. We know it is not enough to simply identify someone with the right experience. Our goal is to deliver great leaders through innovative methodologies that offer insight into a candidate’s leadership style. We locate candidates with success record and the ability to build and contribute in effective teams.

We have the ability to recruit the talent necessary to leverage established and emerging functional expertise for a whole range of entirely different roles within a company, assisted by our history and network.  This often means integrating the organization with talent from other industry sectors. We master market analysis and investigate industry trends and corporate cultures.

With global presence and deep multi-sector expertise, we help clients successfully detect the right leaders who will enhance innovation within their organization. The daily interactions and extensive network of our team will bring the best human resources in your team, that perform effectively and efficiently.

As we are facing a sea of data, we must isolate our objective and use our information to better understand people. This new era of understanding opportunities has transformed the role of research. We are now able to properly use specific knowledge to our advantage, identify novel skills sets in candidates and, in the same time, combine their significant soft skills to develop the most efficient teams and culture.


Experience That Shows

We ourselves have served several industries in Top Management and C level positions and understand the processes and needs of our client. We cover positions in a variety of consumer, industrial, retail and service sectors to clearly assess and identify the competencies needed for success. In the recent past our team members have conducted more than 500 assignments for a wide array of industries.